I began this project by collaborating with photographers and would composite their photos together into one unique image. Credit to the original photos is given under each photo. Their photos on the left, my edits on the right.

Check out my Instagram for more of these edits!

Original photos by @Jackharding

Original photos by @brockbagley

Fun fact, this edit won first place in the @launchdsigns editing contest.

Original photos by @manueldietrichphotography

Original photos by @visualsofjulius

Original photos by @connercope

Original photos by @evolumina

Original photos by @831gaberodriguez

As I explore new techniques and styles, I have continued creating and posting my Photoshop edits on Instagram. I have created commissioned work such as movie posters, album art, and apparel, but for the most part I like to keep this as my creative outlet where I can make what I want with full creative control.
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As a thanks for checking out this project, click the image above to download my Lightroom presets!

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