A letter to normalcy from a world in quarantine.
A brief that started as a social campaign to collect consumer data, evolved into a $500K support effort in helping our communities emerge our best once our time in lockdown ends. A reminder that creative can not only inspire a consumer to take action, but also the brand.
We knew our message resonated when we received over 1 million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours with no paid support.

Art Director: Peter Molnar
Writer: Jake Knudsen
ECD: Hannah Fishman
Social Media Director: Joseph Day
Chief Content Officer: Jeff  Stamp
Producer: Kevin Grover
Editor: Victoria Batista
Production: TownHouse
Agency: Grey
MMA Smarties Awards: Silver Smarties
Select Press:  Best Ads on TV | Little Black Book | Shots | Adobo Magazine | PR Newswire | Drug Store News | Branding Forum | Shoot Online
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