This passion project of mine has branched out quite a bit since it started.
I initially started by collaborating with photographers where I would composite their photos together to make something different. Credit to the original photos is given under each photo. Their photos on the left, my edits on the right.

Check out my Instagram for more of these edits!

Original photos by @Jackharding

Original photos by @brockbagley

Fun fact, this edit won first place in the @launchdsigns editing contest.

Original photos by @manueldietrichphotography

Original photos by @visualsofjulius

Original photos by @connercope

Original photos by @evolumina

Original photos by @831gaberodriguez

I joined as an ambassador where we help brands and content creators connect. The platform also provides trainings for new creatives to learn how to brand themselves and how to work with clients. I've also been lucky enough to do some commissioned work for films, clothing brands, album covers, and all that fun stuff. Here are a few examples.
I've also gotten really into retouching/editing portraits. Portraits are the perfect place to obsess over the details.

As a thanks for checking out this project, click the image above to download my Lightroom presets!

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